How to Mirror Polish A Knife And Bring A New Look?

How to mirror polish a knife becomes the burning question for the regular users of knives. You may need to polish the knife frequently. There are specific methods to polish a knife.

What Does It Mean To Polish A Knife?

After utilizing a knife for cutting many days, it becomes dull naturally. Besides, if you don't use it for a long time, there may be a growth of rust over the knife.

Thus the sharp edge of the knife loses its efficiency to cut anything. You will face many disturbances whatever you want to do, cutting, chopping, or slicing.

How will you cook if you can not even peel off the skin of the vegetables or fruits? It becomes very irritating. This is when you will need to polish your knife. Again, there are a lot of variations in blades too.

To polish a knife means to refine the knife's edge to complete the sharpening process. In addition to bringing it back, the shiny look is another part of polishing the blade.

In the same manner, eliminating scrapes and defects polishing is done. So, you are being able to do two things together:

  • Polishing
  • Sharpening

Who would want to miss an option like this? Surely nobody will. After polishing the knife properly, it works exactly like the new one you bought from the market many days ago.

How To Mirror Polish A Knife?

Of course, there are so many ways to mirror polish a knife, but you don't have ideas about them. Chill out, pal! We are here to assist you out and find the right way. Let's have a look at them:

Clean Cuts

If the edges are already polished, they will give you an exact cut you may want to see. Hence, they will cut your fish, meat, or vegetables into perfect sizes.

In addition, the edges of the knife usually don't let smash or rip apart the items you want to cut. Following that, the dishes become delicious and are presentable with a very decent shape.

Then, the statistics show that perfect cutting can be possible only by the blades, which are polished very beautifully. Instead, cut the food items in any big or small grinders.

Take Off The Rust

Either you have to make a rust remover or bring one from the marketplace directly to remove the rust from the knives. Now let's see the use of the two types of remover:

Utilizing Ready Made Rust Remover

How to use the rust remover you have bought from the marketplace the following steps will let you know that:

  • First, select the knife you want to remove rust.
  • Secondly , let the remover lay on the blade in a layer but with plenty of it
  • After that, you have to cover your knife with any clothes. But that should be a clean cloth, of course. Now, give it enough time to be infused with the remover.
  • Finally, you have to remove the cloth from the blade.

Besides the remover, you can use different types of oil as like:

  • Kerosene
  • WD-40
  • Autosol
  • Vaseline

But, keep in your mind that you will have to use more than one oil to obliterate the rust.

Utilizing Homemade Rust Remover

You may think it is a good idea to use a homemade rust remover to remove the rust from your knife. In this case, you can use it without any hesitation. The steps you need to follow are:

  • Mix up two ingredients: baking soda and ample water for a thick paste.
  • Now cover the specific areas with rust by applying the remover.
  • It is time to rub the knife in a circular motion with your used toothbrush.
  • After that, use soap water to clean the blade when you see no rust left on the knife.

Notably, let the knife dry well after cleaning it with water 2-3 times. Besides, mineral oil is another ingredient you can use to remove rust.

Less Friction

Isn't it obvious that you will see very little friction to cut anything with well-polished knives? A very smooth edge only will provide you with a fine cut. That too, without causing the feeling of frictions.


Exceptionally the knife you are utilizing can be a chef's knife, paring knife, or serrated knife. Hence, if these knives are nicely polished, near many, it seems aesthetically satisfying.


Extremely polished edges can beat knives with zigzag edges in cutting tasks. It includes push-cutting. Other push-cuttings are chopping, shaving, carving, and utilizing the simple blade or a chisel.

Cleaner & Polish Cream


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Detail description:

Wright's silver cleaner and polish cream are ideal for removing rust from the stain. The Ammonia free cream proves that it has not been manufactured from harmful ingredients. Besides, you are getting a cloth to polish the surface.

You will get a long-lasting silver-like shine on the metals. With this in mind, you can use this cream. The shabby and old look vanishes from your metals. Alongside it gives a beautiful and new look without any scratching on it.

After using the cream, a layer of protection lies on the metal, not allowing anything to suddenly harm the metal. Wright's silver cleaner and polish cream is an effective formula for metals and different types of jewelry items to get back their lost dazzling look.

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How to Polish a Knife Blades' Scratches

First, you need to check whether the knife is wet or not. If it is moist, let it dry completely. Thus the scratches will be visible in your eyes easily.

Besides, the dry metal will not allow anything to soak up in the metal. With a cloth or paper, you can easily make the metal dry.

It is time to eliminate any food or metal scratches from over the knife. A sharp object can make it easy for you.

Just give a little bit of pressure in the circular motion, and it will be done! Finally, your thing is ready for polishing, whether sandpaper or any rust remover.


Q: When Is The Mirror Edge A Disadvantage?

Answer : The mirror edge becomes a disadvantage for complex objects or metals with an exterior.

Some of them are hard crust bread, cardboard, or any tape. Rough surfaces are more effective for the mirror edges for an exact cut.

Q: How To Create A Mirror Edge - Recommended Grit Progressions

Answer : Those who want to have a mirror edge will need to utilize the minor progressive grit progressions. The primary key to creating a specific mirror edge lies in the middle of the total progression.

As they are the leading abrasive, which functions to eliminate strong stains.

The recommended grit stones are:

800 grit stones, 1000 grit stones and 1500 grit stones

Q: How Do You Polish A Stainless Steel Pipe To A Mirror Finish?

Answer : Surprisingly, with the help of a rag or clean water, you can utilize the mirror finish polish.

It can create simply cleanable and harmless surfaces which give a glass-like look but are produced from solid plastics.

Mainly, they are made from the pure resin of polyester without any solvents. As it creates slip-resistant surfaces, you can even pressurize it to polish any steel-made metals to get a mirror finish finally.

Q: Can You Polish Steel To A Mirror Finish?

Answer : The mirror polish is considered a unique and multi-functional item. Earlier it was thought impossible to polish any metals, specifically steel.

But these ingredients can give you an eye-catching shine on steel.


How to mirror polish a knife is no longer a question only nowadays. You can do it with ingredients made by yourself or by purchasing them from the stores.

Among many components to mirror polish a knife, use the one which will be easy for you and get the best shiny effect on your knife.

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