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How to spray tan yourself? This is one of the most popular questions circulating on the internet today. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that spray tanning is the fine art of adding a little color to someone’s skin . Contrary to popular belief, it’s not difficult for anyone to master this innovative form of tanning.

Practice with a Wash-Off Tan

You may feel a little nervous or timid about spray tanning someone. This is a natural feeling that anyone would have to deal with when they don’t have any experience with spray tanning. Fortunately, you can hone your skills with a wash-off tan .

A wash-off tan gives you the golden opportunity to spray tan someone without being concerned about making big mistakes. Ask one of your closest friends if they would be so kind to allow you to practice your sun tanning skills on their skin. After getting their approval, simply apply the wash-off tan to your friend’s skin with a tanning mitt. The wash-off tan can be removed after four hours.

The wash-off tan will build up your confidence and tanning skills. It will also give you a chance to see your mistakes.

Gathering the Proper Tools

How to spray tan yourself? Well, you need to gather the proper tools to get things underway. The process will not go well if you don’t have the proper tools at your disposal.

You will need the following items:

-A bottle of self tanner

-A quality tanning mitt

-A moisturizer

-A skin exfoliate

-Separate tanners for the face and body

-A spray formula for areas that is hard to reach

-A package of wet wipes

You cannot get things underway if you don’t have a bottle of self tanner. Make sure that you buy self tanner for golden-tone skin. A quality tanning mitt will be used to apply the self tanner to your client’s skin.

The moisturizer plays a vital role in the entire process. It will keep you client’s skin moisturized and supple. The skin exfoliate will remove the dead skin. The dead skin must be removed before the self tanner is applied.

How to spray tan yourself? Well, there are some areas that are hard to reach. This is where you break out spray formula.

You can apply the self tanner on the entire body, but you need a separate tanner for your client’s face. The wet wipes will help you remove excess self tanning solution. Having the proper tools in place is the key to a successful self tanning session.

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Exfoliate and Shave Twenty Four Hours before Tanning

As I stated earlier, you must use the exfoliate to remove dead skin before applying the self tanning lotion to your client’s skin. If you don’t, the dead skin will make it very difficult for your client to get an even-toned tan and the self tan will be short lived. Exfoliating dead skin is also a rejuvenating procedure that your client will enjoy .

It’s also critical for you to shave the hair from your client’s skin. It will be challenging for you to apply self tanning lotion to your client’s skin if they are hairy. Besides, can you imagine how your client will look if you don’t remove the hair before applying the self tanning solution?

Please keep in mind that exfoliating and shaving should take place twenty-four hours before the tanning appointment.

Don’t Freak Out if You Make Mistakes

There’s an old saying, “Practice makes perfect.” There’s another old saying you need to keep in mind, “You are only human. You’re entitled to make mistakes.” It’s imperative that you keep you composure while learning the art of spray tanning . Keeping your composure will help you get better.

How to spray tan yourself? We’ve addressed this question earlier. Learning how to spray tan will take some time. You may get the hang of it within days or several weeks. Don’t freak out if you make mistakes. You will get better with time. Even the best spray tan artists made tons of mistakes early in their career.

Don’t take your mistakes personal. Your mistakes will point out the areas that need improvement. View your mistakes as teachers. They will instruct you in the fine art of spray tanning.

Where is The Tan Sprayed?

You should always aim at giving your client an even-toned tan. To do this, you must be generous with the spray tanning product. Don’t be shy when it comes to applying it to your client’s skin. The more, the merrier!

Spray the tanning solution on the following areas: the neck, the mid-section (this includes the chest and stomach, and the legs. Don’t forget that your client has to turn over so that you can spray their back, buttocks, thighs, and calf area.

Why Spray Someone?

It’s not unusual for someone to ask, “How to spray tan yourself?” Why spray someone? This is another popular question asked in tanning forums.

Spraying someone makes the process easier and faster. This is the primary reason why you see so many tanning experts spraying their clients with high quality tanning lotions.

FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions On spray tan lotion

Q: Who sprays the tan?

Ans.. The tanning artist sprays the tan on the client’s skin.

Q: Where is the tan sprayed?

Ans.. The tan is sprayed on the entire body with the face being the exception.

Q: What type of equipment do I need?

Ans.. You need the following to get things underway: a bottle of quality self tanner, a tanning mitt, a skin exfoliate, a moisturizer, separate tanners for the face and body, a spray formula for areas that are hard to reach, and a package of wet wipes.

Final Word

How to spray tan yourself? Spray tanning is the perfect option for people not interested in lying under the sun for hours. With the right tools and practice, you can master this art in no time.

Please remember that you will make mistakes in the beginning, but you should not allow that to discourage you. You will get better in time!

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